LEAF OUT DISPENSARY USA began as an idea to create a top-notch delivery service in Australia and quickly evolved in much more.

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  LEAF OUT DISPENSARY USA is a group of AMERICAN locals, who grow and import cannabis and cannabis products, for domestic consumption. Due to multiple reports of scams from customers originating from overseas cannabis companies, LEAF OUT DISPENSARY USA is here to breached the gap between consumers and the international community , You can now order cannabis or cannabis products online from our AMERICAN  suppliers  and have it delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in the US,CANADA AND UK.

Buy psychedelic online Same day delivery for some orders. Next day delivery for some orders. Depending on customers location.  All you need to do is browse through the shop, place your order, pay for it , relax and wait for your delivery at your convenient location. Secure and discrete delivery to car parks, house addresses, post offices etc. Packaging is professionally done. We have suppliers in most major towns in US  in charge of distribution. Majority of our suppliers being in CALIFORNIA,Alabama,Colorado,Arizona,Arkansas,Florida  which means same day delivery is possible once your payment is confirmed. Delivery duration depends on your location. The earlier your payment is confirmed, the faster you get delivery, so please you choose the quickest convenient method of payment. You can navigate to the payment page of the website and see the available payment options.

Delivery to some remote areas may take up to 10 hours. Packaging is professionally done, with advantages such as triple stealth packaging, which is not detectable by scanning equipment. Cannabis Shop USA was inspired by a sense of community. We were tired of being deceived by companies who promised “top shelf” only to arrive with lackluster products, deliveries that took days to arrive and companies who simply wouldn’t answer the phone or emails.


Within USA                                          3-24 hours maximum

To CANADA                                         24-48 hours maximum

TO  New Zealand                                120-240 hours maximum

To AUSTRALIA                                    120-240 hours maximum

With literally thousands upon thousands of amazing strains from the best breeders in the world, ranging from famous cup-winners to potent, CBD-laden medical strains, High THC powerhouses, famous cheese seeds and popular white widow strains, all the way through to some of the rarest, hardest-to-find varieties in the world.

You can get it all right here at Cannabis Shop US ! Because we only ever work with breeders who meet our rigorous quality standards, you can be sure that whatever seeds you get from Cannabis Shop US , they’ll make exceptional additions to your genetic library!

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